This is not a test and there are no wrong answers! 
Try to respond from instinct and allow your thoughts to flow.
Repetition is good & reveals core concepts.


History / Story:

What is your brand’s origin story (where/how/why did it start)?

What is the brand dream?

What does the brand offer the world?

How would you describe the DNA of the brand?


Brand Heart:

Let’s talk about brand mission, purpose, and goals.

Who are you, and what do you offer the world?

What is the need that you are fulfilling or the problem that you are solving?

What is your origin Story? (founder, vision, purpose, goals, gap, etc).

What is the story behind the name?

Purpose: Why do you exist? (Existential)

Vision: What future are you trying to create? (Conceptual)

Mission: What do you do to usher in that future? (Practical)

Values: In what manner will you conduct the work (Ethical) 

Do you have a mission statement? 

If you do not, try to make a quick one now.

What is the single most important goal of your brand?

What is the reputation you'd like to build?



Describe your desired brand qualities in the following channels.

Example: Personality: fun, positive, optimistic, engaging, quirky, outgoing. 








What makes your brand experience truly unique, unlike any other?

How have you succeeded to stand out from the crowd?

How have you blended into the crowd (in a bad way)?



First, let’s focus on the existing brand aesthetics.

How would you describe your current brand aesthetic?

How would you describe your current brand visual language (if it exists)?

What are the strengths of the current aesthetic?

What are the weaknesses of the current aesthetic?

What is driving the desire to change the current aesthetic?

Now let’s discuss your desired aesthetic.

If you can, how would you describe your desired aesthetic?

Identify and list the primary differences between current and desired aesthetics.


Outward Expressions:

Thinking of your brand as a person, with multiple layers of expression:
Style, clothing, hair, scent, shoes, hangouts, hobbies, likes & dislikes

how would you describe the following:

Subculture / cultural connection: 

Favorite City: 

Grocery Store: 

Clothing Style: 

WWE (wrestling) entrance song:

Vehicle of choice:

Favorite Event:

Favorite Brands:

Favorite decade:


Favorite color: 

Favorite food:

Drink of choice:



What are your greatest challenges as a brand?

Future  / larger Challenges you anticipate

What are you doing that others are not (going the extra mile)?

What motivates you to overcome your challenges?



Who is your target audience?

What do they love?

What do they hate?

How do you primarily connect with your consumers?

What positive things do your consumers say about you?

What negative things do your consumers say about you?

What do you like or enjoy about your typical clients?



What or who inspires you & your colleagues?

Which brands do you look up to & why?

Which brands aesthetics do you like and why?

Which brands aesthetics do you dislike & why?



Describe your brand’s tone of voice
(formal, informal, humorous, stern, authoritative, enlightened, friendly, etc))

List all the touchpoints of your brand

What are your most effective channels of communication?

How could you bring those into tighter alignment with your values?



Describe the perfect outcome of this branding project.

Now, let's summarize all of the above in a simple equation: 

1. Where you’re at

2. Where you’d like to be

3. What it will take to get there​​​​​​​

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